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Professor Ronald Gilson

Charles J. Meyers Professor of Law and Business
Stanford Law School
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Ronald Gilson, Charles J. Meyers Professor of Law and Business, Stanford Law School
ECGI Fellow (2003) :



  • AB, Washington U., 1968
  • JD, Yale, 1971

Employment History

  • Clerk to Judge David L. Bazelon, U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, 1971-72
  • Attorney, Steinhart, Goldberg, Feigenbaum & Ladar, 1972-79
  • Member of the Stanford faculty since 1979; Crocker Faculty Scholar, 1990-91; Meyers Professor, 1991-
  • Visiting Scholar, Hoover Institution, 1988-89
  • Henley Visiting Professor of Law and Finance, Columbia U. Law and Business Schools, 1991-92; Marc and Eva Stern Professor of Law and Business, Columbia U. School of Law, 1992-
  • Reporter, American Law Institute Corporate Governance Project, 1985-94

Honors and Awards

  • Fellow, American Academy of Arts and sciences

Selected publications

  • Cases and Materials vs. Corporations, 4th ed., New York: Aspen Law Co Business, 1995 (with Jesse Choper and John Coffee)
  • The Law of Corporate Acquisitions, 2nd ed., Westbury, N.Y.: Foundation Press, 1995 (with Bernard S. Black)

Research Interests
Business and corporate law
Securities regulation

ECGI Working Papers (Click title for more details)
Defensive Tactics and Optimal Search: A Simulation Approach ECGI Finance Working Paper 472/2016 July 2016
Corporate Governance Changes As a Signal: Contextualizing the Performance Link ECGI Law Working Paper 323/2016 August 2016
Economic Crisis and Share Price Unpredictability: Reasons and Implications ECGI Law Working Paper 243/2014 February 2014
Market Efficiency after the Financial Crisis: Itís Still a Matter of Information Costs ECGI Law Working Paper 242/2014 February 2014
Agency Capitalism: Further Implications of Equity Intermediation ECGI Law Working Paper 239/2014 February 2014
Contracting About Private Benefits of Control ECGI Law Working Paper 216/2013 June 2013
The Case for an Unbiased Takeover Law (with an Application to the European Union) ECGI Law Working Paper 212/2013 May 2013
The Agency Costs of Agency Capitalism: Activist Investors and the Revaluation of Governance Rights ECGI Law Working Paper 197/2013 February 2013
Constraints on Private Benefits of Control: Ex Ante Control Mechanisms Versus Ex Post Transaction Review ECGI Law Working Paper 194/2012 September 2011
Contract and innovation: the limited role of generalist courts in the evolution of novel contractual forms ECGI Law Working Paper 193/2012 July 2012
Regulatory Dualism as a Development Strategy: Corporate Reform in Brazil, the U.S., and the EU ECGI Law Working Paper 149/2010 April 2010
Locating Innovation: The Endogeneity of Technology, Organizational Structure and Financial Contracting ECGI Law Working Paper 133/2009 August 2009
Contracting for Innovation: Vertical Disintegration and Interfirm Collaboration ECGI Law Working Paper 118/2009 January 2009
Sovereign Wealth Funds and Corporate Governance: A Minimalist Response to the New Mercantilism ECGI Law Working Paper 095/2008 February 2008
Deconstructing Equity: Public Ownership, Agency Costs, and Complete Capital Markets ECGI Law Working Paper 086/2007 June 2007
Controlling Family Shareholders in Developing Countries: Anchoring Relational Exchange ECGI Law Working Paper 079/2007 January 2007
Controlling Shareholders and Corporate Governance: Complicating the Comparative Taxonomy ECGI Law Working Paper 049/2005 August 2005 Winner of the 2006 De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek Law Prize (Best paper in the Law series)
Separation and the Function of Corporation Law ECGI Law Working Paper 045/2005 January 2005
Choice as Regulatory Reform: The Case of Japanese Corporate Governance ECGI Law Working Paper 022/2004 April 2004
The Poison Pill In Japan: The Missing Infrastructure ECGI Law Working Paper 020/2004 January 2004

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